Biology and Back Doors

Quit wanting to be someone other than who you are.

You, yes you, be you!

Full of emotion,

Filled with light that must shine,

But maybe won’t come through,

In the usual way.


For many, if not most,

Our biology keeps us firmly planted on the ground,

As our dreams soar a little too high and far.

But this is not sad!

The tug of desire,

Coupled with the pain of frustration,

Makes us pioneers of the soul,

Forcing us to pave a new way.


To look inside is to find a back door,

Which swings easily open for the emergence of our soul.






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2 thoughts on “Biology and Back Doors”

  1. I like the volta at the end and the image of going inside as being like finding a back door. I have a poem about slipping out the back door and disappearing into the mist that kind of gets at the same kind of experience.


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