Me and The Greater Sea

(This is an expanded version of the poem “Conscious Gratitude” posted June 13 2016)

 One day I looked out over the majestic body of water named, The Atlantic Ocean. Feeling very small, in comparison and lost in my own inadequate reverie,  I asked myself and the sea, “What’s so special about this body called me?”

 And the sea responding rightly, through the channel of my heart said, “Ahhh, you see me!  Conscious awareness is your priceless human ability, though seeing past pain, a challenge, and finding gratitude, a choice.  Stop now and readjust your vision.”

With eyes refreshed by the wise and ancient sea, I turned my sights to marvel upon the magnificence of me…

          With hands to write, touch, carry and hold,

          Eyes to see beauty, read and connect with those I love,

          A nose that allows me to breathe in life,

          Near imperceptibly,

         Feet which take me painlessly where I need to be,

         Ears that hear beautiful music, and children’s laughter,

         Which brighten my day,

         And a voice to speak my truth, express love and pray…

         For more gratitude.

The graces of this body, in which I live, are a gift and not a given.  Especially so, this one precious life, today in my possession.

 Still standing, staring, transfixed by the ocean waves with their peaceful spray, yet now, I’m ten feet taller.  Tears of gratitude well up in my eyes; small droplets of water, reflecting the Greater Sea.  The sand shifts beneath my feet with the rising tide, marking a simultaneous shift within me.

-Gilda Patricia



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  1. This is so moving ….. I can literally feel the joy in your heart as the real, divine you truly appreciates the senses that a body provides 🙂 Thank you for making my heart smile ❤

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