Clearing “Love’s Double Vision”


Connecting one’s missing pieces to a lover,

is a mystery of epic sorts;

an elegant dance for two,

matchless and true.


Believe me,

I’m the first to lose my foothold,

to fall.


What a dream to say,

“You complete me.”

I am you , you are me,

 now this beautiful We.


But what happens when that dance ends,

and I get back me; 

claiming all these broken pieces, for my own?


With karma complete,

is it time to retreat?


 If romance has flown, 

do I simply follow her sweet breath,

 out the door?


Or does mature love offer the promise,

of something more?


Selfless, rugged and raw,

this chance so seldom chosen,

to stay and continue to love another.


Christopher Columbus set sail for virgin terrain.

Perchance, I as well,

will discover a truer version of you, 

making our love strangely pure and new.


At least 10 thousand times,

 I’ve looked in your deep brown eyes.

Yet now, for the first time,

I’m seeing you.

-Gilda Patricia







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