This is not Unconditional Love

What’s more romantic than,

Giving yourself away,

For love?


What’s more meaningful?

What more is there worth,

Living for?


My mind is your mind,

My soul is your soul,

We are of one heart,

One body, one life;

Once my only wish.


But love doesn’t require,

Giving myself away;

Only God is capable,

Of surviving,

That sacrifice.


God protected me,

From myself;

 Set me on a healing path,

So many years ago,

Against my smaller will.


Thank You God,

For showing me,

 Real Unconditional love.


-Gilda Patricia


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2 thoughts on “This is not Unconditional Love”

  1. I love this poem because I believe love that is unconditional is the purest form that we can ever be blessed with. Love the note of spirituality in your writing! Bless you!

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