This thought provoking and moving post inspired me to write my last poem “Emptying My Luggage in Heaven,” on 6/22/16. Thanks Snehal from TheGirlWithTheFlaws.

The Girl With The Flaws

I just turned 21.

I’ve been pondering over my life for a while now.

I have been contemplating where all I’veleft my fingerprints and where I am about to leave my footprints. I’ve been thinking about thechoices I made and the people I met in this crazy journey of mine.

It is insane, in a beautiful way that how every single personI haveever met, and all the decisions I have ever taken, have culminated in this moment right now. The fact that I am writing this post has been a result of all that I have ever encountered in life.

Life is a disarray of threadsconnecting us to one another in strange but enchanting ways.

It ischaos, but it is brilliant.

When I was 17-18, I wanted to get a tattoo badly. But I didn’t want just any random design; I wanted something which held great significance for me…

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