Playing Savior

Every day,

I take a step,

and each day,

you walk,



If only…

you would,

 get close enough,

to catch a glimpse,

of my Light,

 in your pupils.


Why won’t,

you let me,

save you?


-Gilda Patricia


Day 14 word-balintataw (n.) The pupil of my eye

Word High July-30 Beautiful Filipino Words

Challenge set by, A Reading Writer’s blog, and Doodles and Scribbles






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9 thoughts on “Playing Savior”

  1. Beautifully poignant piece, Gilda. I feel guilty about this sometimes, too. In a spiritual sense, when doubt and fears overcome my faith… I walk away. I sometimes forget to see the light in His eyes and let it guide my path. Thank you for this lovely poem. ❤

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    1. I was thinking of how people need to find God in their own hearts & souls. And how “playing God” for someone else never works. But wow, I really like your take on it! I could reticle it, “No Eyes for My Savior.” Thanks for feedback & input! Glad you liked!


  2. This is so good, so beautiful, Gilda. True, we can’t be God for others, we can only hope to lead them to Him. I suspect His Light is not always shining very brightly from my eyes to my neighbors–who are trapped in the bondage of substance abuse, blind and lost–so I keep praying, both for them, and for God to pour more of His light/love/grace into me, that it would spill over like oil to brighten my lamp. God bless you so abundantly!

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      1. Thank you, Gilda. Mine is a pitiful confession: I’ve become so weary and irritated, living in too-close proximity to the neighbors I mentioned, that I have almost no “Jesus love” left in me to share. Thus, my priority prayer is for myself–“change me, Lord!”


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