Undiluted Thoughts on Paper

Clean sheet of paper

Blank, clear, crisp, new,

Beckoning irresistibly…

Joyful anticipation. 


No preconceived expectation,

Or judgments,

Personal vendettas or agendas,

Blurred lines or blurred vision…

No prying eyes in sight,

To dilute or convolute,

This dalisay writing process.


Words uncensored, un-minced,

Possibly impure,

But never diluted…

Spilling forth from

 Fingertips to pen tip,

Cascading onto neutral page…

Effortless Catharsis.


Brain emptied,

Momentarily “Mind-Less.”

Clean slate, clear state,

Where clarity reigns.

Nearly pure,

 As newborn.

Mindlessness prevention.


Newer, higher, lighter thoughts brush through…

Burning away the candid, quicker, sharper,

Thought forms;

Now just marks left heavily on a page,

Soon singed in ritualistic bonfire,

All evidence of discension,

“Up in smoke.”


God forgiven.

Day’s daily distractions, problems

 Surmountable again.

Sacred Journal Practice.”


-Gilda Patricia


Day 24- Word of the day-dalisay (adj.) Pure, undiluted

Word High July-30 Beautiful Filipino Words

Challenge set by A Reading Writer’s blog, and Doodles and Scribbles









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