The Day We First Met

When I first met you,

It wasn’t the way,

You looked in my eyes,

With true sincerity of heart,

It wasn’t your charming smile,

Nor your chivalry…

The way you treated me,

Like a lady,

It wasn’t your generous spirit,

Or your down to earth, 

And humble demeanor…

That drew me in.

Truly the one thing,

That got me, “hook line and sinker,”

Was the way, 

You could make me laugh,

 Till my eyes peed!

And here we are now,

20 years later, still together.


-Gilda Patricia


Day 28-Word of the day-halakhak (n.) A loud, uninhibited laughter

Word High July-30 Beautiful Filipino Words

challenge set by, A Reading Writer’s blog and Doodles and Scribbles





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