Soulmate at Sea

I, the sea, really like to get into things, see all sides, swallow them up, for full understanding.  Depth.  It’s all about going down deep.

I often bang up against the rocks, but the rocks frame me, contain me, give me structure.  They are good.  Yet I can never penetrate a rock, or get deep within its core, as much as I try.

Rocks hurt, as they are strong, hard, unbending.  The rock means well, that’s just its structure.  It is what it is!

Sun’s rays dance and glide gently across my wet surface, hard to resist sensual ways. But the sunlight, same as the air it streams through, wish no part of diving into my watery chasm, my core, the place where I live…

An undersea odyssey of mystery, complexity, wonder and awe, the air and sun never to explore, know or see.  Mere surface play, I to you, you to me.

Neither simple nor easy, I take care of me, once I get past swells of pride, grief, hurt and blame, waves of pity, fear, anger, self loathing and doubt, and the dangerous waters of complacency, ignorance, judgement, false beliefs and human weakness.

These pit-falls create riptides which threaten my healing, yet are washed out to sea with purifying cleanse of regular spiritual practice.  Clinging to “water under the bridge,”not optional.

So where is my great white whale, dolphin, or merman; fun-loving, interesting, interested, powerful and strong, yet compassionate and warm?  Ready to dive in, unafraid of my soulful depths, his or ours?

(God is the greatest companion for souls lost or abandoned at sea…turning once empty, broken hearts into chests of overflowing spiritual treasure!)


-Gilda Patricia 







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