The Fabric of My Existence

In the fabric of my life,

When the string with your name on it,

Was pulled out,

The whole tapestry came undone…


There I sat,

Carelessly strewn across the floor,

A knotted up, messy ball, threadbare,

Disheveled, unrecognizable.


Until the day came,

When I decided,

To take a chance,

On God’s handiwork…


With dexterous love and care,

He refashioned my life brand new,

From the inside out.

Using a sturdier fabric this time…


 Lifetime warranty,

Guaranteed to never again unravel,

Without consent,

Or without God’s Will.


But in humanness, as life,

Will always find a kink or two,

To be tailored and reshaped,

With God’s love…no payment due.


The finishing touch, gladly accepted,

A label affixed,

On the fabric of my existence,

“God’s property…Handle with loving kindness.


-Gilda Patricia







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27 thoughts on “The Fabric of My Existence”

  1. From structure to chaos to restructuring oneself with faith and God…a story that resonates universally. The label is the testament. Love this poem Gilda, as I do the others… Have a beautiful day ! 🐠🐟❤😙😙😙😙😙😙

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