I Know You

(A Love Letter from God to His Children)

I know you like the back of my hand,

Like sun’s rays,

 Shining through,

Broken glass on your window pane,

Like the seeds that fall,

From your garden’s bloom,

Like the rain,

That smears lipstick upon your chin,

Or the house fly that sits,

On your cupboard’s rim.

Like the sound lodged in your throat,

When you cannot speak,

Like the desert wind,

Knows a cactus’ brittle skin,

Or earth’s most barren places,

Know their fruitful twin,

Same as the blistering sun,

Knows it’s worshipers,

And  glistening stars know,

Their dreamers…

I have known and loved you

From time’s begin,

Have staked my claim…

Still, you don’t see me.


-Gilda Patricia


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