Beautiful Eternal Soul

Loser, winner,

Why identify?

We can still be happy,

Since neither is who we are.

Lose or win,

Is only what we do,

Sometimes up, sometimes down,

No reason to be proud or blue.


Who you are will always be,

A truth set,

In the fabric of Infinity…

Much stronger than earth’s stones and bones,

Soulful child of Eternal Mother,

Blessed accompaniment,

For God’s graceful symphony,

Love’s chosen one.


Life’s only joy,

When you are happy,

Cherubim spread wings,

And angels sing!


-Gilda Patricia


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17 thoughts on “Beautiful Eternal Soul”

  1. Nice words Gilda and made me reflect that losing and winning are just labels. The important thing is being there. Thanks for writing and posting.

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