Why Your Ego Hates To Meditate

If you walk around speedily,

With purpose in your gait,

And a serious look upon your face,

You may even convince yourself,

Of your importance.

Does sitting still,

In a relaxed and peaceful pose,

Prove that you,

Don’t matter much,

To the world?

Only your ego asks you to,

“Do the math.”

Counting appearances,

 Of much greater worth,

Than happiness or substance.

-Gilda Patricia 


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17 thoughts on “Why Your Ego Hates To Meditate”

    1. Thanks for saying Yudith! Ha, ha, I love that I typoed “importance.” A further reminder that I’m not so important and my ego always needs to take a back seat! We need God and each other. I appreciate your beautiful comment, and your good eyes!!

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  1. Lovely thought Gilda…the concept of importance and the perception of it…the less importance we give ourselves…the more relevant we become…bless you Honey… I take away so much with me after a single visit to your blog. Thank you πŸ˜™

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  2. A good deep meaningful poem Gilda. The ego is still one of our greatest challenges. Just when we think we have it conquered it comes back and bites us even harder. Something to challenging to reflect on.

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