Kingdom Within

Thank You God for blessings,

 Of Your kingdom.

Grateful to proclaim, in You alone,

 Am home free.


It’s been a long time coming,

But finally can say,

So very happy to be me…

New life a dream!


Though no castles to be found outside…

Not even in my own backyard.

Jesus said, “Kingdom of God is within.”

Now believing this truth.


A world not seen, but felt with the heart.

No longer trapped in fantasy land,

Lovely, lonely technicolor tower, 

Hiding sense of lack.


Instead sharing in God’s kingdom,

With those I know and love,

Imperfect, but perfectly loved…


Foremost by God, then me.


On the path to wholeness,

Be prepared for sudden leaps of faith,

Mystifying turns of heart,

And unexpected glimpses of eternity.


Thankfully God’s kingdom, 

Unlike brother earth,

Is make of more than shifting sand,

Beneath our feet…


Only God’s world can wash away illusion.


-Gilda Patricia


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