I to i

little broken i,

separate, alone one…

lost at sea.

Healing…a process of 

becoming Whole;

Connecting to the Greater One,

Universal I.

never needing to feel,

broken, separate or alone again.

i now, first time, living in Truth.

one little i stretching outward,

little tributary reaching for,

and met by the Greater Sea…

of One-ness.

I to i,

One to one,

You and me. 


-Gilda Patricia


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16 thoughts on “I to i”

  1. An excellent and thought provoking poem Gilda. The use of the capitalized I when referring to oneself is an interesting one. I recently read a blog post by a poet who always writes I (in the personal sense) as i. He says it takes his ego out of his poetry. As you say in your poem there is a greater I at work in the Universe.

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