The Being-ness of You

Withdrawing from,

The rewards of doing-ness,

Is first needed,

To experience the value,

Of simple being-ness .

Grace usually steps in,

To facilitate this 180 degree,

Life turn.

So don’t worry if looking,

Inward and upward,

instead of outward,

seems too hard!

Spiritual growth always happens,

Right on time…


When outer rewards,

Fall short, or miss the mark,

Leaving you bereft…

And wishing for,

Something more...

That may be the call,

To stop dreaming and seeking,

And simply try being…

Being love, being light, being peace, being joy…

Being you,

Yes you!

Wonderfully simple, yet equally complex,

Multifaceted, multidimensional,

Miracle of being-ness, the entire mess of you.


Please go and enjoy, your perfect you-ness.


-Gilda Patricia






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