The Gift of Christ-mas

Jesus Your Presence,

Is the greatest present.

You are pure love, peace

And understanding.

For me, you would sit,

And wait for eternity…

This Christmas, may I not forget,

Take for granted or overlook,

Your enduring peaceful Spirit,

Which surpasses the human understanding.

May I not get too caught up, 

Or lost in the holiday craze…

Forgetting You are the true 

Reason for the season!”

You may not come wrapped in,

Ribbons and bows,

Your subtle, quiet Light,

May not glisten as bright,

As the Rockefeller Center tree,

In New York City…

But as for peace and understanding,

Nothing matches the Light,

Of Your Loving Presence…

Christmas, the gift of

 Christ living within our souls.


-Gilda Patricia




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14 thoughts on “The Gift of Christ-mas”

  1. An excellent and poignant poem as we approach Christmas Gilda. I hope you have a Christmas blessed with happiness and true spirit.


  2. Such a wonderful post, Gilda–your words exude the sense of “companionship” I’ve found with our Lord; I need nothing more–and yet, He always has “abundant MORE” to give…What a God, what a Savior, what a Lord!!

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