A Supernatural Feast

Common (farm) animals,

Turn to common feed,

For sustenance, their animal instinct,

It’s natural!

The pig knows not when to stop,

The sheep blindly follows the crowd,

The cow gives and gives all she has,

The donkey, (ass) lacks common sense and motivation,

The chicken, races around,

In circles, without direction…


People too have human nature,

How, when do we rise above it?

Christ comes to us…Right where we’re at,

When ordinary food fails to sustain, 

Or nourish… just leaves us wanting, flat.

And in our poverty of spirit,

The Christ child greets us…

Not floating up high in some grand castle,

In the sky, or making promises,

That rust or turn to dust in time.


Instead enjoy the

Incomparable abundance,

Spread before you, A supernatural feast!

Not for the body, but feeding the soul…

Christ the living bread,

Waits in a lowly manger,

Offering everlasting life,

For all souls,

Ready, willing,

To surrender…and seek.

-Gilda Patricia


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