Master Builder (of peace)

The Master of Peace,

Created you…a masterpiece!

Independent Contractor,

Built with precision,

Your life, so freely given.

With human nature and

Indiscretion factored in…

Unconditionally loved and forgiven.


When empty shell found, 

Hiding behind the sun…

Peace offered without compensation,

For all shattered, scattered, broken pieces.

Master Builder to remake with ease,

Your brokenness…replacing piece for peace.

Sign on dotted line today…(with indelible faith),

To begin transformation.


-Gilda Patricia



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12 thoughts on “Master Builder (of peace)”

  1. This is so beautiful, perfectly sums it up, that I’m near tears with gratitude–for God has picked me up and dusted me off frequently, and continues to work on restoration of my brokenness…and best of all, I’m finally understanding what you wrote about our “human nature and indiscretion factored in”. We’re not meant to be perfect, for then, why would we need a Kinsman Redeemer and Savior??! God bless you abundantly!!


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