Snow Angels

Imagine snowflakes were tiny

Angels falling from the sky…?

A flurry of grace,

Gently kissing our skin with coolness,

Purity, lightness and kindness…

Gates of heaven opening, to allow

Their playful and whimsical flight down

To earth…enlivening, enriching, hope-filling,

Awakening heavy, slumberingΒ 

Hearts and spirits,

Calming fiery souls…

Emotions, otherwise running rampant,

Across the globe.


Angels, some one hundred million

Strong…really too many to count!

Selflessly cascading down,

Tiny treasures leaving cloud nine,

Making their earthly descent,

To cushion our footfalls,

On the hardest, bleakest,

Most barren places.

Blanketing our world,

In peace, love and calm,

For a moment…

Then disappearing back,

Into nothingness.

(A magical winter’s tale to spark the imagination and melt

frozen hearts…May angels walk with you!)


-Gilda Patricia




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23 thoughts on “Snow Angels”

  1. Look around Gilda! I believe they are around us. Angels in human form! A little like meπŸ˜‰ very much like you darling! πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™


  2. A lovely and touching poem Gilda. We are expecting heavy snow in the UK later this week so I might get a chance to re-read this with snow falling in the background.

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