This Blessed Time and Space

This space we are given,

Is a gift from God…

A place to learn and grow,

Over time.

For if we knew it all,

And had it all,

If there were no time or space,

To separate…

How would we develop,

True humility or genuine pride?

How could we be grateful,

For things not once denied?

Or appreciate a love which is,

Always by our side?

How would we learn of,

Our stamina, our will to survive,

Or be uplifted by,

The powerful, all loving hand of Grace,

If no trouble could befall or

Harm displace?


-Gilda Patricia


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5 thoughts on “This Blessed Time and Space”

  1. Beautiful and true words Gilda. I worry about today’s culture where time and space seem to be frowned upon and people are not allowed to make mistakes. As you say, without those elements how can we truly grow?


    1. Thanks for your kind feedback & wise words! While speed has obvious benefits, we need to slow down or look back to understand the gift of time and space…everything in perfect time for the highest good.

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