The Path to Eternity

For my life, I would never have believed,

I came with a set of wings!

Feeling insignificant, small and alone,

Like I’d never touch the sky…


Yet my soul walked a million miles,

Journeyed a million different ways,

Without losing a minute of time,

Or needing a moments sleep…


Keeping busy experience collecting,

And memory keeping,

The soul sees much, learns much,

Loves much and knows much…


Remaining untouched by time.

Age is a foreign language to the timeless, eternal soul.

Real life a moving harmony,

Underneath time’s movie reel.


Move and be moved,

By true life’s

Spirit evoking and soul encompassing



When the time is right,

Life compassionately nudges us

Out of our comfortable nests,

Where we lay fast asleep…


“Fly, little Soul, fly!” Life says.

And in that moment,

We taste eternity,

Feel its tender breath on our face.


-Gilda Patricia








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19 thoughts on “The Path to Eternity”

  1. I love this, especially the last two parts. Such a nice and gentle way to phrase what sometimes feels like a tornado or whirlwind of life. I will try to remember this next time I am about to lament and cry about having been nudged out of my comfortable nest.

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