Your Beautiful Presence

Content to stretch out my weary soul,

In the delightful windowsill of your presence.

Your accepting gaze, 

Like transparent glass,

Reveals my unstained Being-ness.

Opening and pushing back,

Pane after pane,

Circulating fresh air,

Reviving and awakening my spirit,

Transporting once dormant dreams,

Beyond virgin territory…

Leading me into this creative and new,


Me and my “labor of love,” thanks you,

For your beautiful Presence.


May is my 1 yr. Anniversary on WordPress!  So I dedicate this poem to you,

all the soul-enriching readers and writers in this wonderful WordPress family,

always looking forward to meeting and reading more!

-Gilda Patricia





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25 thoughts on “Your Beautiful Presence”

  1. Yaaay! happy anniversary my dear Gilda! Congratulations for 1 year of awesome poems! Keep shining! ❤

    Love these lines:
    "Your accepting gaze,

    Like transparent glass,

    Reveals my unstained Being-ness."

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