The Modest Ones

God bless the desperate modest ones,

Who take so little and 

Feel so much…

Whose hearts are wider than

The sky, a sweet song 

On their lips to sing,

Yet, perhaps an octave too high,

For others to join in?

Alone, for now…

But still connected, 

To the universal heartbeat, 

Of oneness, love and light.

One day the whole world will

Know their song, when the sun

Peeks out from behind dark clouds,

They will sing their final sad verse.

…Until then, silent daisies in the field,

Perk up and slightly bend,

Toward the modest ones.

(In honor of those who shine their light down on others without exception and without expectation.)

-Gilda Patricia


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14 thoughts on “The Modest Ones”

  1. “Who take so little and
    Feel so much…”

    this. resonated. resonated. i almost cried. :’) it is tiring to take so little and give so much. but there are persons who are just so worth it. ❤
    thank you for this piece.

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