God’s Time

All we wish for will come to us…

In God’s way and

In God’s time.

Trust our heavenly Father

Knows Best…

When there seems no reason or rhyme,

Remember the seasons of life ebb and flow.

When you’re tired of towing the line,

Take a breather and a rest,

Let your intuition be your guide.

Have a question or a wish?

Get a feeling, follow a sign,

Be leery of quick fixes and rout replies,

Honor life’s multi-layers and multi-facets.

To avoid being misled, 

Trust your own “inner knowing”…

Remember, the heart will lead you to the place

Where miracles, grace and mercy abound.


-Gilda Patricia





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8 thoughts on “God’s Time”

  1. Beautiful words Gilda and there is so much insight in them. It takes time to work out and trust our inner knowing, but once we realise it is our channel to spirituality then it becomes more understandable.

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      1. Yes, we need to start from working on it because we are “programmed” to believe our mind (reason). But if you follow your intuition you will always land in the right place. Intuition is the only link to the universal knowledge. 🙂

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