Fight, Flight or Be?

Up up and away!

Avoiding the struggle,

And life’s ugly messes,

Taking flight at conflicts first sight…?

Sounds luxurious, dreamy 

And oh so appealing!

As long as your strength’s 

Never waning.

What good of staying…

Facing pain, disdain, blame,

Perhaps defaming of name?

False attempts at taking the reign,

Nearly going insane,

Trapped like an animal caged?

(But take a closer look)

Being here, now means

Learning to let go and live…

Surrender, be happy with whatever is.

Oh what a blessing!

You’ve slain your illusionary dragons.

Now you can fly to the moon and back,

And still have a safe place,

To rest your weary head…

Here in God’s presence,

The peace and bliss,

Of simple Be-ingness.


-Gilda Patricia


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6 thoughts on “Fight, Flight or Be?”

    1. True! Whether choosing to leave or stay the real fight is always with our own inner demons…acceptance starts within. One important thing to remember is wherever we go God is! Thanks so much for sharing your insights & thoughts.

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  1. Very beautiful write Gilda, loved ” you have slain your illusionary dragons, now you can fly to the moon & back ” the crux is transcending ahead leaving behind all culprits of ignorance to the farthest yard possible ! Love.Peace.

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