Eternal Love

You don’t have to walk,

A thousand more miles,

Chase a thousand more mirages,

Break a thousand more hearts,

Lose a thousand more dreams,

Write a thousand more sonnets,

Sing a thousand more ballets,

Live a thousand more empty lives…


Eternal love is here now with you.

See it, feel it, live it,

And with every breath, breathe it.

No other truth will rise above,

And supersede it,

Unless, lies you feed it.

But you no longer need it!

So keep your heart crystal clear and new…

Shining with the light of Everlasting Love in you.


-Gilda Patricia



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11 thoughts on “Eternal Love”

  1. Beautiful and poignant words Gilda. I like the flow of your words. It is, as you say, spending life chasing so many things we forget what we are looking for is right in front of us.

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