Let Love Be the Limit

They say the sky’s the limit,

But when you let love be the limit,

Then the sky itself cracks open wide,

And all things hoped for,

Come falling down like rain…

Tiny crystalized diamond  tear drops,

Faith’s substance,

Reflecting the light,

Behind your wide open

Spiritual eyes.


“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

-Gilda Patricia


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9 thoughts on “Let Love Be the Limit”

  1. ” faith’s substance, reflecting the light ” … the best thing , the truth reinforced here Gilda , lovely ! The greatest virtue or most important ingredient in our subconscious searching for that light … really has it’s genesis to the beauty of ” love” – the more universal it’s texture , the more near we are towards the very purpose of life , of course , truly towards HIM ! loved it . Peace.Love.

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