God’s Team

Life’s problems and complexities,

Seem magnified by the fish bowl of technology.

May we the informed, modern, “with it,” and witty,

Not bench God for the game’s remainder.

Staying neutral gets harder and harder,

“If you can’t beat em, join em!”

…So many decide,

Not wishing to be left in the dust.

Yet things just get more nasty and cruel,

As heated arguments ensue.

So clever and smart,

Yet has technology made

Our heads bigger than our hearts?

 God, all-powerful is lying low

And playing it cool…

Why not meet Him on the sidelines?

Sit and pray and look within,

Be the exception, not the rule.

Welcome to Team Patience,

Let God see all, know all, bear all,

Then compassionately wait,

Trusting God’s mountain of love and light,

Slowly but surely,

To move inside of you,

Changing earth’s face.

Do you really believe that darkness can win?

Pick a side, join right in…

Both teams still have openings!


-Gilda Patricia


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8 thoughts on “God’s Team”

  1. Nice thoughts and poetry Gilda. You are so right. Modern day technology is taking people further away from nature and creation and we should never forget to take time out and give thanks.

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    1. True and deep thoughts, Davy! It is easiest to find God in the beauty of nature. Thanks to WordPress and genuine writer’s like yourself, spirituality is kept alive and well in cyberspace too!

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