Infinite Eyes

A New Year…

Just another day in infinity...

Look, deeply look,

In your loved one’s eyes,

Behind them lies infinity…

Look, really look into the night skies,

Beyond such grandness stands infinity…

Look, really look with respect and dignity,

Upon all living things,

For in each one, infinity resides.

Infinity is all around,

Inbedded within and

Above and beyond.

So respect and love,

What you see here and now


Just stop…

And see your world,

With infinite eyes.


-Gilda Patricia

A blessed, safe, happy, healthy New Year to you and yours, in 2018!”




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9 thoughts on “Infinite Eyes”

  1. Happy 2018 Gilda and a thought provoking piece of poetry to get us started. I think the start of each day is the beginning of a New Year. If we can try to capture the respect and love in each moment then we all contribute to making the world a better place.

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