This Space and Time

There is space and time…

For a blessed and peaceful reunion, 

Of hearts and minds.


There is space and time…

For my heart to beat within my chest,

In love, in joy, in grief, in pride. 


There is space and time…

For air to fill my lungs and leave my nostrils,

Tasting life’s breath.


There is space and time…

To accept the flavors of life,

Savoring their richness, beauty and wonders.


There is space and time…

To anticipate sharing love,

Accepting a lover to have and to hold.


There is still space and time…

To live…until I die,

Releasing space/time dust,

And merging back into the re-creation of God’s infinite design.


-Gilda Patricia



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6 thoughts on “This Space and Time”

  1. Some beautiful reflections and thoughts here Gilda. A reminder we are all part of this wonderful universe and should savour every moment. Have a blessed weekend and good to be reading your poetry again.

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