Get Connected!

Do what you love,

for the love of others,

and get into the,


God’s eternal Holy Waters~

supplying the flow~~~ 

for life’s creations*

Try sending a “google” out~

to God…asking a question*

then waiting on a reply~




When you are swimming in~ 

the stream of the Living Waters~

then you are networking~

with ease* 

Connected and~~~




(No computer skills necessary,

and the network connection is free!)*



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6 thoughts on “Get Connected!”

  1. ” do what you love .. for the love of others .. loved this line .
    The freedom to choose doing and what if it is for them realizing the same stream we are flowing in !
    A common thread interconnecting the swimmers in the holy water.Network is perennial & free, all it takes to switch on the buttons of universal love & compassion!
    So beautifully done Gilda , God bless

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