Peaceful Dream Reality

Why do we believe,

That places without pain, 

Are less real, 

Than places with pain?

Could our eyes deceive us,

Into perceiving solid space,

As more real,

Than the invisible space,

Where Jesus Christ Himself resides?

Even the air around you is holy,

Meditate on this with each breath in,

Sending it peacefully back out.

Turn your eyesight inside out,

To stop seeing things upside down,

And backwards.

Rely on insight over eyesight.

Let the well-spring of true life,

Bubble up from within,

So God’s light may be seen,

And His peaceful dreams begin.


-Gilda Patricia


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8 thoughts on “Peaceful Dream Reality”

  1. A beautiful poem to meditate on Gilda. I love the bit about turning your eyes inside out. Sometimes that is what we need to get a little perspective on life.

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