Compassionate Passion

What’s better, fire-red passion

Or pure white compassion?

Neither and both.

We need to find a loving space 

In the middle,

A place of forward movement,

And thinking,

Or else we just spin our wheels,

Round and round in circles,

Getting nowhere, becoming

More fearful or more feared.


True living is realizing our need,

For the opposite other,

Without abandoning, neglecting,

Or negating ourselves.

Our passionate red fire

Gives life purpose, meaning and

Reason for being, while

White purity of heart or

Spiritual goodness,

Subdues our passions,

Throwing some healing water,

On our flames and our pains.

Love is passion tempered with


Patience, trust, faith, rest, healing,

Acceptance, forgiveness and

Highest intentions.

Compassion is needed,

As we play our life games,

Reaching for our ruby-red dreams.


by gilda patricia 2018







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5 thoughts on “Compassionate Passion”

  1. A beauty of a write Gilda , loved the way the middle path is carefully & enlightedly carved out!
    Passion & compassion may co-exist but passion for compassion is the key , the panacea . Manifestation of love needs many ingredients as rightly said , including the foremost compassion! Blessed times!

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  2. Beautiful and thought provoking poetry Gilda. I think life’s journey is finding the balance between the two and learning to recognise which is which.

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