We Don’t Die

God created a world,

Where people die.

Now, God is either,

Completely cruel,

Or we don’t really die…

Perhaps after death,

We simply turn inside out,

And keep right on living.

Maybe we’re actually,

Inside out right now,

Our hearts sealed up,

Inside hollow chest cavities,

Instead of right out there,

On our sleeves,

Beating wildly,

Bravely, fiercely,

To fullest capacity,

Without apology,



gilda patricia


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6 thoughts on “We Don’t Die”

  1. Beautifully penned, oops felt Gilda ! The truth of living en route inevitable death ! The creator & the controller must be laughing at the vagaries of inside outs !
    ” inside hollow chest cavities …”,
    Lovely. Blessings be unto us to now live a life that death may not put an end to life !

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