Radical Self-Love in 2022

Now is time for a Divine-Love revolution!

Beginning with self-love,

A radical new idea?

Self respect, self forgiveness, self understanding and self care.

Redirecting love inward and upward on the in-breath…

Allowing a Divine Feminine reawakening,

In God’s Spirit of Divine-Love (Jesus),

Divine Feminine now vibrating higher,

In renewed peace, love and joy,

Moves downward and outward on the out-breath…

To grace the world with God’s Higher Love.

Our own self-love evolution,

Taking God’s transformative Love and Light,

And spreading it around…

My hope filled resolution!

For heaven on earth?

Divine-Love’s the solution.

by gilda patricia

-photo by gilda patricia

Happy, healthy New Year to you!!


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4 thoughts on “Radical Self-Love in 2022”

  1. Thank you for the resolution poem. Forgiveness and a self-hug of an inward nurturing breath, taking in a surrounding light to relax and renew: difficult to do, but the feminine touch of love blown out into the world might make minds spin like a benevolent love tornado lifting up all houses of sorrow into the air with joy.

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