The Deep Still Pool

A New Year’s Reflection…

Mind chatter settles down,

Revealing deeper thoughts,

Higher vision found, in

Clarifying moments,

A gateway,

Unlocking life’s greater mysteries…

Sincere acts of contrition,

Release animosity,

Hope and serenity reverberate

Creating a more meaningful existence,

For each spiritual seeker,

On a loving mission,

With serendipity naturally flowing,

Ushering in health, wealth, harmony, and healing

Gentle hearts intertwined,

In sovereign unity,

Viewing the world as one spiritual family,

A loving contribution to society.

By-Gilda Patricia

Happy, healthy, peaceful and beautiful New Year to Word Press family!


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13 thoughts on “The Deep Still Pool”

    1. Thanks Graham, I love all those emojis! I am actually the emoji queen myself. So 🕊️☮️✌️💛⭐️🌻💐🌻🌝…back to you too.

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      1. 👑👍✌🙃



  1. Hi Gilda, great to hear from you! Here’s also wishing you God’s richest blessings and love, joy and peace to you! Happy 2023 and happy writing, my friend… keep up the lovely poetry and I very much appreciate! 🙏 🥂 🎉 🎊 💕🌈

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