The Hurricane Within

A hurricane of feelings,

Buried sludge and mess,

Coming up to the surface,

And into the Light of awareness,

To heal, TO HEAL, only to heal..


Running away our whole lives,

Thinking we dodged that bullet.

Now these feelings are back suddenly,

And with a vengeance,

To heal, TO HEAL, only to heal…


An avalanche of emotion,

A tsunami of grief,

A torrid of raining despair,

With tornado force angry winds slapping us in the face,

To heal, TO HEAL, only to heal...


Our assumed solid structures threatened,

High tide seeping into our bones,

Pushing our most hidden buttons,

Breaking down our most trusted defenses and strongest resistance.

Why?  …Ah yes, to heal.


Feelings just passing through,

 Not here to stay…

False assumptions, loveless pursuits, ego gains,

Unforgiving pride, riding out inner storms alone,

Without God…


Stop now and step securely

Into the center of the storm, the eye

Where God’s infinitely loving and peaceful presence


Wait there for angels to sing.


-Gilda Patricia



Be the Light


                                           the flickering light

                                    of truth to hold steady in your

                              conscious awareness…staring down  

                       the darkness held in your own subconscious.

                            Simple candlelight dispels darkness,

                                              without a fight.

                                                  Be that



-Gilda Patricia    God bless Florida


A Million to One

God’s love is comparable to…

The love of a million angels,

The light of a million suns,

The peace of a million soft summer breezes,

On a million tropical beaches at dusk,

The reassurance of a million star-crossed lovers’

Eye-locked cheek caresses,

The gentleness of a million sleeping babies’

Tender rhythmic heart beats…

This is the love no earthly sojourn could ever compare,

Replace or meet,

Only remind.


-Gilda Patricia

Let Love Be the Limit

They say the sky’s the limit,

But when you let love be the limit,

Then the sky itself cracks open wide,

And all things hoped for,

Come falling down like rain…

Tiny crystalized diamond  tear drops,

Faith’s substance,

Reflecting the light,

Behind your wide open

Spiritual eyes.


“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

-Gilda Patricia

Eternal Love

You don’t have to walk,

A thousand more miles,

Chase a thousand more mirages,

Break a thousand more hearts,

Lose a thousand more dreams,

Write a thousand more sonnets,

Sing a thousand more ballets,

Live a thousand more empty lives…


Eternal love is here now with you.

See it, feel it, live it,

And with every breath, breathe it.

No other truth will rise above,

And supersede it,

Unless, lies you feed it.

But you no longer need it!

So keep your heart crystal clear and new…

Shining with the light of Everlasting Love in you.


-Gilda Patricia


Fight, Flight or Be?

Up up and away!

Avoiding the struggle,

And life’s ugly messes,

Taking flight at conflicts first sight…?

Sounds luxurious, dreamy 

And oh so appealing!

As long as your strength’s 

Never waning.

What good of staying…

Facing pain, disdain, blame,

Perhaps defaming of name?

False attempts at taking the reign,

Nearly going insane,

Trapped like an animal caged?

(But take a closer look)

Being here, now means

Learning to let go and live…

Surrender, be happy with whatever is.

Oh what a blessing!

You’ve slain your illusionary dragons.

Now you can fly to the moon and back,

And still have a safe place,

To rest your weary head…

Here in God’s presence,

The peace and bliss,

Of simple Be-ingness.


-Gilda Patricia