It’s time to get peaceful and still,

And to remember the truth,

That you are right now,

Lovingly held.

When you’re sitting, standing, kneeling,

Praying, working, laughing, yelling,

Crying, singing, playing or chatting,


Whether you’re lonely, peaceful, happy, distraught,

Angry, impatient, embarrassed or tired,

Pessimistic, anxious or proud,

You are held.

No matter how, what,

When, why or where,

The present may find you,

Held by love, you are.

You’re not just held at peaceful moments.

But when least distracted, (like during meditation),

Your innate body wisdom will recognize,

The feeling of being held.

It’s up to you, dear soul!

Now will you stop and take some time,

To relax into the spiritual arms of love?


-by gilda patricia

Three Cheers for The New Girl

          (A short heartwarming story)                                        

          Just having moved to New York from Maryland, Jessica would be the new girl at school.  Jessica hated having to be the new girl.

          She told her mom her fears, “But Mom, it’s not fun being the new girl and I miss my old friends already.  What am I going to do?”

        “I know darling,” said her mom. “But you’ll like it here too once you get to know everyone.  You’re going to have no trouble making new friends.  You’re a very sweet and brave young girl,” her mom reassured her.

        “Thanks Mom,” Jessica said, “I will sure try.”

         In just a short while the big day arrived, October 1st, Jessica’s first day of kindergarten at her new school.  She slowly entered the classroom and was directed near the front of the room to a desk with big bold letters across the top that said,  J  E  S  S  I  C  A.   So far, so good.  The teacher seemed nice enough and the other kids in the class did too.  They all gave a big, happy hello when the teacher introduced Jessica as the new girl.  (Although Jessica still hated being called the new girl).

        Soon it was lunch time and everyone got to play in the schoolyard.  Jessica remembered what her mom had said and bravely started going up to kids in the playground one by one, introducing herself.  She wanted so much for the other kids to like her that she may have tried a little too hard at first.

       “Hi, I’m Jessica!”  She said to a little freckled faced boy. “I can count from one to 20 backwards…20, 19, 16, 11, 9, 14… Oh well, sometimes I can.”  The little boy looked at her, smiled and walked away. 

        She then said hi to a little girl in pig tails, “Hi I’m Jessica and I can jump on one foot for five minutes!”  Jessica tried so hard, but she fell after ten seconds and then bounced back and forth on both feet until the little girl turned around and walked away. 

        “Wow, it’s not easy making friends.  I may need to try harder,” Jessica thought to herself.

Next, she went up to a girl wearing a yellow polka dotted dress, “Hi, I’m Jessica and I can spell hippopotamus, H Y P O P P I… Oh, I’m getting confused,” she tried to say, but before she could explain this girl walked away too.

           Jessica came home from school that day feeling very disappointed.  “Mom,” she said, “I keep trying really, really hard and still no one wants to be my friend!”

            “Well,” said Jessica’s mom, “Could you maybe be trying too hard?  If you just be your kind, warmhearted, caring, loving self, I’m sure you’ll have a friend in no time!”

              “Mom, I think you’re right,” said Jessica. “Besides trying so hard can hurt.”  She rubbed her knee where she had fallen trying to stand on one leg.

             A short time later in the playground, Jessica was watching some girls playing T-ball.  She wanted to ask if she could join in but felt timid after being turned down so much that first day of school.  Suddenly a ball was thrown over the outfielder’s head and hit the glasses off a boy playing in the sandbox.  Jessica jumped up without even thinking and quickly ran to help the boy.  Some girls followed behind, but Jessica was faster.  The boy was scared and crying because his glasses where missing, though luckily he didn’t get hurt.  Because Jessica is such a fast runner, she got to the sandbox and found the boy’s glasses before anyone else.   Within a couple minutes a crowd had gathered.  The teacher, a parent on lunch duty and a bunch of kids from the playground had come over to see what the ruckus was all about.

            Jessica introduced herself to the boy and said, “I’m sorry you were hit. My sister Leanna has glasses, so I know how you feel.”

            “Thank you so much,” said Jeremy. “You’re the nicest person I ever met!”

             That afternoon the teacher gave Jessica two special stickers, one said “Super-Hero” because she helped Jeremy.  The other one said, “Fastest Runner.”  No one could believe just how fast Jessica could run.  Some girls had already started asking Jessica to be on their team for the next T-ball game.

           Jessica was feeling very happy but a little embarrassed from all the attention.  Still, she was glad to be able to do a good deed and help someone else out.  Jessica cared a lot about other’s feelings.

            She went home and told her mom about her day.  Then she said, “Mom, you were right.  I guess I do only have to be myself to make a friend.”

            “Yes, Jessica,” said her mom, “and to have a good friend, you showed how important it is to be a good friend.  I’m so proud of you!  Three cheers for the new girl!” Jessica’s mom beamed and gave her a great big bear hug.

                                                           By- gilda patricia


No opportunist, nor giver-upper,

High and dry,

God will not leave you.

With divine patience,

And love supreme,

God waits on you…

Even after the jig is up,

The bell tolls,

The last curtain falls,

The last sunset,

and the last spring thaw…

Far above and beyond any thing that ever was,

is or will be,

God’s love supersedes them all.

For it is with enduring love,

That God stands by you and me,

Setting us free,


-by gilda patricia

Red Carpet of Love

Choosing a path of heart healing,

I go within to “face the music,”

Walking with God on a Red Carpet of Love.

Repairing my once damaged,

Source connection,

I reclaim the music and the magic,

Regaining harmony, peace, joy, beauty and love,

To go the distance.

Keeping to God’s Red Carpet of Love,

Reaffirming, working and ever intending to,

“Face the music” within,

With faith, forgiveness,

Love and acceptance,

I tap into the music and the magic,

Of my own soulful spirit.

In awed and humble gratitude,

For God’s Red Carpet,

My heart sings,

And the song is Love.

-by gilda patricia

Mother Earth Womb

Dearest Mother Earth,

From a distance your form is round and smooth,

Like a womb…

You are the body I breathe life into.

You bear all with patience and tolerance,

You share all with generosity and love,

You overcome all with resilience and grace.

May My life sustaining breath,

Offer you renewed hope, strength and faith,

To carry you through,

Every challenging time and season.

Mother Earth, you are the nurturing womb,

Who births abundant and diversified life,

On your great and expansive planet.

May you be the model for your people,

Of what true love looks like.

I graciously thank you,

For the fruit of your beautiful womb!

Be filled up to overflowing,

By my enduring love and light divine,

Sincerely yours,

Now and forever,

God’s Spirit.

by gilda patricia

Happy Mother’s day to all beautiful mothers. Sending out extra blessings to my own beautiful mother who like Mother Earth bears all and shares all without complaint, only love. Love you Mom!

Heart of Oneness

Think back to a time you felt Oneness…

Were you in the middle of the ocean, in a tropical locale, with clean, clear warm waters, feeling the warm sun and soft breeze on your face and hearing the gently crashing waves?

Were you on some other vacation?  Were you on a speed boat feeling the sprays, were you on a peaceful lake or in the middle of a red wood forest?  Were you looking up at a full moon?  Were there animals around?  Were they making noises?  Were crickets, frogs or birds chirping?  Maybe you were on a safari and heard some lions, elephants or monkeys?  Can you imagine their noises?

Did you feel oneness during a loving relaxed time spent with family or a friend?

Was it your wedding day?  Better yet, was it on your honeymoon?  Or was it the day you got engaged?

Was it the day you had a baby, or got your baby, or held a baby?  When you first looked into their eyes and saw their smile?

Or was it the day you fell in love?

Looking back further in time, was it a day from your childhood?  Were you carried by a parent, or playing with a pet, or just carefree playing in the street with friends, or at a sleepover?

Now go back even further and imagine the peaceful oneness of being in your birth mother’s womb. Can you hear the heartbeat?

So, if you’re ever feeling anxious, sad, overwhelmed or separated for any reason at all, just come back to your center and reclaim your connected oneness…for deep down in your heart and soul you know oneness as truth.

-by gilda patricia

(poem inspired by Dr. Tieraona Love Dog M.D. from her sacred feminine class)

Raised Up On Love

Divine Feminine (soul)

How I adore you!

Your depth, love, intuition and wisdom,

Your beauty, strength and enduring grace,

The way you bear All…

Take this breath of life,

And be rejuvenated!

Take these fresh insights, ideas,

And seeds of hope,

Be an incubator for their germination,

Let them bloom!

…for a life of greater peace, joy and ease.

Mostly, be nourished by my enduring love…

As an emPOWERed couple with a higher plan,

We share a supernatural affinity.

I will love you from here,

To infinity.

Much love, Divine Masculine (God’s Spirit)

  • by gilda patricia

Divine-Love Song

A refreshing crystalline spring,

Gently trickling down one regal mountain’s slopes,

Bubbling, spraying, singing,

In lively carefreeness,

Soon to join the cascading waterfall…

For playful co-creation,

Of rainbows,

In warm translucent skies.

-May your life be a beautiful reflection of Divine-Love co-creation.

-by gilda patricia

Happy Valentine’s Day!