Just the other day, I took a walk in the rain. Why? With spring’s arrival and the enticing warmer weather, I newly decided on taking regular walks for fun and fitness.

So my umbrella and I went off on a leisurely stroll down the block…

I was happy to be out walking again, but I must sadly admit to entertaining a slightly selfish thought. My secret wish was that the rain would magically stop just for me, instead of gifting the newly blooming flowers with an enjoyably fresh drink.

Determined to let secret wishes go, allow the elements to just be, (namely the rain), and simply get on with it, one particular word appeared in the forefront of my mind …Just.

Yes, just…period. Just, and nothing more.

Just. That one word felt relaxing even soothing to me, so I let it soak in and marinate in my brain cells some more…


I breathed deeply as I walked, thinking of just this one word between breaths,

Just…without a verb tacked on the end, like “Just do it!” or “Just stop raining.” Not adverbs or adjectives either, just, just.

Then about ten minutes later, and feeling more refreshed then ever, a new thought came to me…Just here. That felt relaxing too. So I continued following the just word with some other nouns…

Just now.

Just me.

Just a walk.

Just rain.

Yes, even that thought felt relaxing! I stopped judging the rain, and everything else for that matter, for at least a few moments in time. I continued on with my walk and just my just thoughts…

Just my umbrella.

Just dry.

Just air.

Just a puddle.

Just birds.

Just a song.

Just then I arrived home from my walk feeling lighter and freer then when I began, especially about the rain. After all, it was…

Just spring!

-by gilda patricia

Happy spring to my Word Press family!

The Space Between

Jesus lives in-between the dark and the light.

Please be the bridge to take us there!

In the harsh glaring daylight,

Lives the judge,

And in the darkest night’s hidden corners,

The judged, who cower, lie in wait…

There’s another way, another time and space,

Created as the sun rises and sets,

Where beauty, joy and wonder weave themselves,

Into a magical playground,

Perfectly blending love and light,

Transforming darkness… 

In this space between.

-Gilda Patrica




Compassionate Passion

What’s better, fire-red passion

Or pure white compassion?

Neither and both.

We need to find a loving space 

In the middle,

A place of forward movement,

And thinking,

Or else we just spin our wheels,

Round and round in circles,

Getting nowhere, becoming

More fearful or more feared.


True living is realizing our need,

For the opposite other,

Without abandoning, neglecting,

Or negating ourselves.

Our passionate red fire

Gives life purpose, meaning and

Reason for being, while

White purity of heart or

Spiritual goodness,

Subdues our passions,

Throwing some healing water,

On our flames and our pains.

Love is passion tempered with


Patience, trust, faith, rest, healing,

Acceptance, forgiveness and

Highest intentions.

Compassion is needed,

As we play our life games,

Reaching for our ruby-red dreams.


by gilda patricia 2018







God’s spiritual world is holding its breath,

Awaiting my “rebirth”-day!

You see I’ve been spiritually minded,

For some time now,

But truth be told…I’ve still been

Wishing beyond wish and hoping,

Beyond hope that things would one day,

Somehow, someway…magically go

My Way.

But my very happiness depends now on

Me relinquishing these immature childhood,

Wishes and dreams.

Spiritual happiness means taking it all in…

Accepting all things as a gift, 

Minus the labels, minus the judgments,

Minus my expectations…

Of how things should be, about what

I deserve…

When every inch of the Universe Is always

Loving me, before, during, and forever after,

My “rebirth”-day.


-Gilda Patricia


Why Resist Love? (Part II)

Ego only has the strength to push away,

It’s gain an equal loss.

Love sits quietly at your door,

Not fighting, shaming, blaming, forcing,

Neither begging or pleading…

Love only waits to be chosen,

Then its power unleashed!

Embracing love creates space,

For soulful life on earth.

Ego’s pointless, petty pushing,

Only leads to spiral into oblivion.

Ego is losing!  

Yes, egos are running scared.

The bigger the ego,

The harder the fall…

Just stand out of its way, is all.


-Gilda Patricia



Rattling the Status Quo

The underdog, the outsider, the strong-willed,

The misunderstood, the introspective, the passionate,

The addicted, those living “on the spectrum,”

The left out, the left behind, or passed over,

The undiscovered and undefined,

The way-pavers and way showers,

The rule breakers and troublemakers,

The hard to please and hard to know,

The uncontainable and untrainable…


Shaking things up,

Preventing stagnation,

Rattling all the caged bones,

Keeping dust from settling on miscued priorities…

Their deep wounds keeping open or reopening,

Compassionate spaces in our hearts,

Stopping them from locking up,

Or rusting over from non-use,

And from everyday robotic living.


So rattle our cages,

Test our hearts,

Threaten our unquestioned days,

And complacent nights,

Push the element to expand our notion,

And vision of what it means,

To be human,

Our reason for being and

Our final destination…


For a spiritually sick, spiritually lacking world,

Cannot survive “status quo,” for long,

Thank God for the outcasts and misfits,

Who at the very least, get us thinking…

Perhaps the problems in the world,

Not their doing, but evidence,

Of one spiritually un-evolved and

Malnourished “Human Body“…

Filled with judgements and such.


Our world, perhaps in need of one big,

Group hug?


Gilda Patricia