Jesus’ Easter Wish

Coming down to earth,

Rising from the dead,

And opening heaven’s gates,

Fulfilled half of Jesus’ wish.

But getting every last one 

Of his children home, 

Would surely make

His Will complete.

In following

His Will for us…

We then help Jesus to fulfill,

A Will most loving, most perfect,

most holy and complete.


Happiest Easter!

-Gilda Patricia

Jesus’ “To Do” List

Jesus, being God, had “cart blanche”

Chance to be anything, go anywhere,

Do anything.

Instead he chose to stay…

In the fire and the brimstone,

To face the music of another (every) man’s song,

To settle someone else’s score,

To right someone else’s wrong,

And to rewrite history,

All by the ripe old age of 33.


On Christmas, He was born,

And by Easter reborn…

So that souls would know mercy,

grace and love forevermore.


Quite the “To Do” List!

Thank God for Jesus’ where-with-all.

Or where would we be?


Most blessed and Happiest Easter.


-Gilda Patricia