The Path to Eternity

For my life, I would never have believed,

I came with a set of wings!

Feeling insignificant, small and alone,

Like I’d never touch the sky…


Yet my soul walked a million miles,

Journeyed a million different ways,

Without losing a minute of time,

Or needing a moments sleep…


Keeping busy experience collecting,

And memory keeping,

The soul sees much, learns much,

Loves much and knows much…


Remaining untouched by time.

Age is a foreign language to the timeless, eternal soul.

Real life a moving harmony,

Underneath time’s movie reel.


Move and be moved,

By true life’s

Spirit evoking and soul encompassing



When the time is right,

Life compassionately nudges us

Out of our comfortable nests,

Where we lay fast asleep…


“Fly, little Soul, fly!” Life says.

And in that moment,

We taste eternity,

Feel its tender breath on our face.


-Gilda Patricia







Be Yourself

Geared up for achievement,

Accomplishment… “At all costs.”

Selling souls for the “Almighty Dollar.”

Forgetting soul’s worth.

In our fast-moving, yet non-enduring habitat,

A snail or turtle’s tempo is misaligned,

And undervalued.

The lightning paced, quick-witted fox,

Clever monkey, lion or tiger, so strong and swift,

The handsome and graceful gazelle…

All fare better,

In this breakneck space,

At securing worldly gain, like ego strokes,

Or glittery trinkets and such,

To grace their mantlepieces.

But the snail and turtle already have,

What they need,

Carrying their homes on their backs,

They travel with peace and ease…

As we too must remember to relax,

With only ourselves to be.

We carry our true home within us,

For Eternity, unseen by transitory human eyes,

Lives on inside our souls.

-Gilda Patricia

Kingdom Within

Thank You God for blessings,

 Of Your kingdom.

Grateful to proclaim, in You alone,

 Am home free.


It’s been a long time coming,

But finally can say,

So very happy to be me…

New life a dream!


Though no castles to be found outside…

Not even in my own backyard.

Jesus said, “Kingdom of God is within.”

Now believing this truth.


A world not seen, but felt with the heart.

No longer trapped in fantasy land,

Lovely, lonely technicolor tower, 

Hiding sense of lack.


Instead sharing in God’s kingdom,

With those I know and love,

Imperfect, but perfectly loved…


Foremost by God, then me.


On the path to wholeness,

Be prepared for sudden leaps of faith,

Mystifying turns of heart,

And unexpected glimpses of eternity.


Thankfully God’s kingdom, 

Unlike brother earth,

Is make of more than shifting sand,

Beneath our feet…


Only God’s world can wash away illusion.


-Gilda Patricia