Waves of Forgiveness

Your heart like tranquil waters,

Smooth sailing,

On peaceful seas,


Suddenly halted,

By the crashing wave,

Of my outburst.


Set adrift,

By my choppy undercurrent;


The life inside your heart,

Now as tepid water,

Stagnant and clipped…


Thankfully raised up,

In the wake of,

My amends.


Your waves of forgiveness,

Soothe my silakbo.


-Gilda Patricia


Written for Word High July-30 Beautiful Filipino Words

Day 8- silakbo- meaning: emotional outburst.

Challenge set by A Reading Writer’s Blog, and Doodles and Scribbles.




Young Spirits Break Free

Shattered by a crushing blow to heart, 

body, or spirit,

The ego left for nearly dead.


A lucky few surrender and cry out to God,

Thereby allowing the miracle of grace,

To sweep swiftly through their broken places,


Reigniting their soul’s flame,

Calming and drawing them into,

A dark inner wilderness,

Replete with emotional dragons, demons, and ghosts,

The likes of which few would care to know, or dare to go.


Yet turning back now,

Is to play pretend.


The trusted companion, grace,

Alights young soul travelers,

With joy, love, gratitude, peace and forgiveness,


Giving them strength to go the mile,

 Clearing and navigating,

The once hidden path of God’s Will.


Leading them down, out and all the way through,

To the (other), spiritually lighter side.


Young spirits freed,

Don their new wings. 

A Woman Driven (to live).

I’m moved forward by desire,

But guilt holds me back.

Then love moves me forward,

And fear pulls me back.

Then hope steers me forward,

Yet doubt yanks me back.

Renewed confidence drives me forward once again,

But my limitations set me back.

Then as I begin to build my strength back up,

Shame slams me from behind,

And drags me down, 

In a,”You don’t deserve success!” kinda dead lock.


Falling hard,

I’m out for the count,

Having only failed myself,

For choosing to stop trying.


Thankfully forgiveness picks me up,

Restores my faith,

And gets me back in the game.