Shadow Marriage

Living in the ring, 

Of inescapable loss.

Pain, despair and sorrow,

Seeping in and closing down.


Driven by fear,

Yet directed by love…

Down deep… deeper still,

Into shadowlands, all my own.


There finding,

Having and holding,

Newly cherished,

Pieces of my phantom heart.


Shadow and I,

As one, made whole,

Parting in death, maybe not?

No mortal to separate.


Light rising up,

From delusion’s and,


Abysmal depths.


Once upon a time,

At a loss…

God’s kingdom contained within,

From this day forth.



In ring,

Of inescapable,

Unconditional Love.


-Gilda Patricia


‘Inner Child’ Reunion

(An acrostic poem for SYNCHRONICITY):


Yore (days of)













God’s love, tadhana… leading me back to wholeness, synchronously, in His perfect time.

Gilda Patricia

Day 30-Word of the day-tadhana (n.) An invisible force that makes things happen beyond the control of mortals.

Word High July -30 Beautiful Filipino Words

challenge set by A Reading Writer’s blog, and Doodles and Scribbles

Mother’s Love







-Gilda Patricia

My mom’s love is as transformational, as a mother’s love can be!  My heart grows and heals more every day in her tender garden.

Day 27-Word of the day- yugto (n.) A fundamental transition or development of a story or phenomenon.

Word High July-30 Beautiful Filipino Words

challenge set by A Reading Writer’s blog, and Doodles and Scribbles


Beyond the Labrynth

With all life’s twists,

And all it’s turns…



Of failed attempt, of dreams lost,

Back bent, broken,

By exhaustion, sorrow, confusion, regret.


With healing, forgiveness, love,

I found this place…

A beautiful, peaceful space

Inside my soul…




For this, God,

Eternally grateful.


-Gilda Patricia






All the shards,

Of my broken heart,


Like road-kill,

On the dusty highway of life,

After crashing head long,

Into your cold-blooded, 

Metallic heart.


Transformed in the Light,

Of grace and forgiveness…

My broken pieces,

Have now become,

As a beach full of shells,

Happily resting in the warmth of God’s love;

Counted as One with,

 His most Precious Collection.


-Gilda Patricia


Day 19 word of the day- habilin (n.) Anything given to somebody for safekeeping

Word High July-30 Beautiful Filipino Words

challenge set by A Reading Writer’s blog, and Doodles and Scribbles


Deep Sea “Inner” Diver

Diving bravely into the

Murky mess of my emotions,


If I go down deep enough,

The water becomes,

Crystal clear;


Revealing facets and aspects,

 Of a life once buried at sea,

But never lost there.


Encapsulated only,

In pretend coffins,

As nothing left unfinished,

Really dies.


Shipwrecked chambers,

Of my heart,



Sunken treasure found.


-Gilda Patricia





This is not Unconditional Love

What’s more romantic than,

Giving yourself away,

For love?


What’s more meaningful?

What more is there worth,

Living for?


My mind is your mind,

My soul is your soul,

We are of one heart,

One body, one life;

Once my only wish.


But love doesn’t require,

Giving myself away;

Only God is capable,

Of surviving,

That sacrifice.


God protected me,

From myself;

 Set me on a healing path,

So many years ago,

Against my smaller will.


Thank You God,

For showing me,

 Real Unconditional love.


-Gilda Patricia

Healing Heart

The conscious spiritual,

Healing path,

Can be described in 2 words,

Pure magic.


It’s really God’s grace,

Leading us, in time,

To heaven’s gate; a metaphor for,

That spontaneous and natural,

Defining moment,

When we drop our luggage or baggage,

At the door,

Allowing only love to enter.


Our heart, now as wide as the universe itself,

Becomes our heaven.