A Letter of Longing

Dear Lord,

This place with many,

              Neither happy, loved or free,

 Away from here,

    Won’t You please take me!

I’m tired of the pain that surrounds,

Dear Lord, why must this be?

         When I long for sunny faces,

Of singers crooning,

Children laughing,

    Lover’s swooning,

People dancing,

     Flowers blooming,

           Poet’s minds wandering,

          Senior citizens meandering,

Economy booming,

  No need for pandering,

  Starlight flickering,

Fiddlers fiddling,

No more bickering!


   Days of joy,

   For future generations,

   This poet’s letter is

   My pagsamo.

   Love, me.


-Gilda Patricia


Written for Word High July-30 Beautiful Filipino Words

Challenge set by A Reading Writer’s blog, and Doodles and Scribbles

Word of the day, Day 9-pagsamo (n.) The act of pleading