Incredible Shrinking Souls

Did you ever stop to wonder,

How a baby’s smile,

And glistening eyes,

Can brighten the lives,

Of everyone in the room?


I imagine their soul, ten feet tall,

Uncontainable, shining

Light stretching out,

Far and wide,

To touch even the saddest soul.


Precious and rare,

As a flower in full bloom,

Accepting sun’s rays,

Trusting, loving,

No judgements perceived.


Joyful and carefree,

Loving without restraint.

Tell me, can’t you feel,

The brilliant light,

They emanate?


Often as we age,

Our light grows dim.

 Souls shrinking up,

Curling in tight,

Small as a baby.


Many souls shut down completely,

In protection,

From all they know and see,

Avoiding painful blows,

Of disappointment, dishonor, despair.


The world we live in,

Is not known,

For maintaining,

Larger than life,

Open wide souls.


The next time you see a baby,

Stop to soak in their light.

Be reminded what it means,

To live with grand exuberance,

Heart and soul open wide.


Know you are witnessing a miracle.


I do believe,

Souls shrink as we grow,

So remember to keep sending extra love,

To everyone,

Everywhere you go!


-Gilda Patricia

Halt for Love

There’s too much

Hate in the world,

 Too much violence,

Sorrow and pain…

It has to stop!


But God’s not gonna stop it.


With respect and love for us His children

Free will He gave…


The choice in our hands,

To stop the madness.


Will we put

The brakes 

On our own unkind,

Reckless and

Hurtful acts?


Or keep racing

Through crossroads

And intersections, 

Red lights in our eyes,

Half blind?


Please stop

To “Reconsider Love,

 And I, still praying,

Without cessation

For a miracle.


-Gilda Patricia


Poets For Peace– collaboration initiated by Michael (M. Zane Mc Clellan) from the poetry channel and hosted here on forgottenmeadows:

Deadline Aug 31 2016