Mother Earth Womb

Dearest Mother Earth,

From a distance your form is round and smooth,

Like a womb…

You are the body I breathe life into.

You bear all with patience and tolerance,

You share all with generosity and love,

You overcome all with resilience and grace.

May My life sustaining breath,

Offer you renewed hope, strength and faith,

To carry you through,

Every challenging time and season.

Mother Earth, you are the nurturing womb,

Who births abundant and diversified life,

On your great and expansive planet.

May you be the model for your people,

Of what true love looks like.

I graciously thank you,

For the fruit of your beautiful womb!

Be filled up to overflowing,

By my enduring love and light divine,

Sincerely yours,

Now and forever,

God’s Spirit.

by gilda patricia

Happy Mother’s day to all beautiful mothers. Sending out extra blessings to my own beautiful mother who like Mother Earth bears all and shares all without complaint, only love. Love you Mom!

Why Resist Love? (Part II)

Ego only has the strength to push away,

It’s gain an equal loss.

Love sits quietly at your door,

Not fighting, shaming, blaming, forcing,

Neither begging or pleading…

Love only waits to be chosen,

Then its power unleashed!

Embracing love creates space,

For soulful life on earth.

Ego’s pointless, petty pushing,

Only leads to spiral into oblivion.

Ego is losing!  

Yes, egos are running scared.

The bigger the ego,

The harder the fall…

Just stand out of its way, is all.


-Gilda Patricia