Kingdom Within

Thank You God for blessings,

 Of Your kingdom.

Grateful to proclaim, in You alone,

 Am home free.


It’s been a long time coming,

But finally can say,

So very happy to be me…

New life a dream!


Though no castles to be found outside…

Not even in my own backyard.

Jesus said, “Kingdom of God is within.”

Now believing this truth.


A world not seen, but felt with the heart.

No longer trapped in fantasy land,

Lovely, lonely technicolor tower, 

Hiding sense of lack.


Instead sharing in God’s kingdom,

With those I know and love,

Imperfect, but perfectly loved…


Foremost by God, then me.


On the path to wholeness,

Be prepared for sudden leaps of faith,

Mystifying turns of heart,

And unexpected glimpses of eternity.


Thankfully God’s kingdom, 

Unlike brother earth,

Is make of more than shifting sand,

Beneath our feet…


Only God’s world can wash away illusion.


-Gilda Patricia

Healed Abandonment

You didn’t drop me,

From your arms,

On purpose or,

Even by accident.


No, you placed me,

Down gently by the side of,

The road…

Then quietly walked away.


With forgiveness and gratitude,

For you, and for life,

Biggest heartache,

Turned around…


Abandonment healed.

Now tucked safely in the pocket,

Of Your healing heart,

Sweet Jesus,


Accepting love again,

With childlike abandon.


(Letter from newly adopted child of God.)


-Gilda Patricia


Mustard Seed’s Faith



Deeper still,

Into dark, dank,



Alone, cold,

Sense of self, of place,


End of life line,

End of road.


“But wait!” Little mustard seed,

Musters strength,

For one final thought,

“Could there be more… than this?”

…Chance Revelation.


Then falling swiftly,

Into complete and utter blackness,

A moment of Silence

Or two.


Followed by sudden shift,

Movement, a push,

A stretch, great yawn,

After satisfying night’s sleep.


Young seedling,

Inching upward,

Leaves behind,

Dead casing.


Spot of light,

In distance,

Expanding wider,

Brighter still.


With mustard seed of faith,

Life blooms anew…


-Gilda Patricia





Death’s Illusion

Waiting for the shoe to drop,

The ax to fall,

Walking on egg shells,

In tentative anticipation.

Can I see the door yet?

Hear deaths call?

Loved ones may die today,

Tomorrow or next?

Misfortune written,

In humanity’s script,

With permanent indelible ink.

Many faiths believing,

The day, minute,

And final hour preset,

In immovable stone.

What a heavy cross to bear!


So how is it,

We sometimes see people who,

Involuntarily laugh at a funeral,

Smile through tears,

Continue loving,

When they know…

All will be lost,

In a moment’s time.

Perhaps eternal soul knows,

Something more?


-Gilda Patricia

Grand Navigator

Fire’s passion could burn us to our core,

We could drown in a sea of emotions,

Be crushed by the weight of stagnant rock’s debris,

Be swept away by winds of change, or flights of fancy.


How do we know when, where

And what is safe to explore?

God as loving guide leads us,

With our intuitive, internal, (conscience) compass.


Ship’s finest Captain, unmatched Fire Tamer,  

Expert Aviator and Earth’s greatest Pioneer,

Steers us clear with skill and care.

G-reatest P-ath for S-oul assured…


With God’s “GPS” turned on.


-Gilda Patricia








Poet’s Wish

Not a fighter wrestling,

With brawn,

But with emotions.


No world traveler,

Set on exploring exotic lands…

Instead discovering depth of feelings.


A gardener who prefers,

To sow seeds of hope,

And cultivate kindness,


Weeding out resentments,

Regrets and bad habits…

Goal, merely,


Harvesting World Peace.”

 Settling for,

 Humble poet’s…


“Serene Inner Plot.”


-Gilda Patricia


Ponder This…?

If roses were thornless,

Would love also be pain-free?

Would cows without udders,

Have low self-esteem? 

A ship without a rudder,

Be a lost soul at sea?

What of a butterfly,

With Teflon wings?

I ponder…

Without fragility,

It’s beauty could we see?

If cotton candy,

Were not so sticky,

Would that really,

Be much fun?

…As much fun as,

Spare ribs that,

Aren’t messy!

Here’s some more,

Un-fun to conjure,

Try a sandless beach,

No graininess to rub,

Between the toes,

On your feet!

And what of a human,


… Perhaps free?


Gilda Patricia



Why Your Ego Hates To Meditate

If you walk around speedily,

With purpose in your gait,

And a serious look upon your face,

You may even convince yourself,

Of your importance.

Does sitting still,

In a relaxed and peaceful pose,

Prove that you,

Don’t matter much,

To the world?

Only your ego asks you to,

“Do the math.”

Counting appearances,

 Of much greater worth,

Than happiness or substance.

-Gilda Patricia 

My Time

Sensitive soul,


Never sure,

Where I stopped…

Or you began.

Endless reams of journal pages,

Conversations with God to carry me through,

Offer spiritual growth and healing.


Time now,

Connect and share,

Lovely soul sisters, brothers,

From across the globe.

Awashed by steady streams,

Of insights and inspiration…

Hearts poured forth,

On gifted pages.


Blessed time,

When stars align,

Opportune chance to write,

Blog’s love song.”

What stopped me before?

Not quite sure…

Life, survival, motherhood, fear,

fulfilling expectations?


Today, secure in God’s love,

With hope and joy,

One truth to share.


-Gilda Patricia