Ponder This…?

If roses were thornless,

Would love also be pain-free?

Would cows without udders,

Have low self-esteem? 

A ship without a rudder,

Be a lost soul at sea?

What of a butterfly,

With Teflon wings?

I ponder…

Without fragility,

It’s beauty could we see?

If cotton candy,

Were not so sticky,

Would that really,

Be much fun?

…As much fun as,

Spare ribs that,

Aren’t messy!

Here’s some more,

Un-fun to conjure,

Try a sandless beach,

No graininess to rub,

Between the toes,

On your feet!

And what of a human,


… Perhaps free?


Gilda Patricia



Muni-Muni (I Ponder)

Does the sun muni-muni,

of moonbeams, whose cool rays,

reflect the starry night?


Do night skies,

no longer star struck,

muni-muni over the majesty of day,

where children laugh and play?


What of stifling desert breezes,

and frigid arctic air,

do they dream of switching places,

a momentary relief?


Does a bee ever wish,

 a flower to be, or a flower a bee;

a pollination and germination,




I wonder how it’d be,

with no question left unanswered,

life’s mysteries unraveled?


 No words to write,

no dreams to dream,

or songs to sing…


A world without muni-muni,

at least for me.


-Gilda Patricia


Written for Word High July- 30 Beautiful Filipino Words.

Day 7- muni-muni (v.) To think deeply, to ponder.

Challenge set by A Reading Writer’s Blog, and Doodles and Scribbles.