The Majestic Now

Here, now is where Mother and Father God,

In divine love reside.

As I look into one of God’s most majestic creature’s eyes,

It’s no surprise to find it living,

Contentedly here now.

I imagine humans are the only creatures,

Who could even choose to inhabit the illusionary worlds,

Of past or future…

But here now, balanced on this threshold,

Between yesterday and tomorrow,

The most fantastical and whimsical imaginings,

Of trusting souls may arise,

Birthed under the loving light of their heavenly Father’s grace.

Why not stop here now for just a moment…

Dip your toes and rest your bones,

In the naturally mystical melting pot,

Of what you’ve dreamed,

And what you’ve dared not.

This space here now,

Once so casually overlooked,

Is the present that sad souls,

Have been waiting for.

I can learn a lot from God’s majestic,

Yet simple creatures…

For I too am one.

-gilda patricia

Father Time’s Fall

Father Time sat on a wall,

Arms moving swiftly, steadily,

Around and around.

Tick tock, tick tock,

Laboring robotically without end.


But what if one day Father Time were to fall,

Landing in pieces on the floor,

Keeping time no more?

Big Ben probably the only one broken up,

Over Father Time’s untimely death.


Without time to divide night from day,

Past from future,

Youth from age,

There’d be more time, not less…

To savor the infinite richness of the Present.


What if time were a concept,

We didn’t have to buy into?

Would Father time still rule our lives?

Just a thought to ponder,

If you can find the time!


-Gilda Patricia